Working with iron since 1983

In 1983 Juan Navarro opened his blacksmith's business at street d’en Pons in the former smithy of the Ca’n Moana factory.

In 1988 it was moved to Camí de Ses Argiles and in 1994 the company ‘Ferros i Aluminis Sóller’ was formed.

At first, the company was exclusively devoted to the blacksmith's business. Some time later, it began to work with aluminium, and later with stainless steel and it has more recently included in its business works with glass, to be able to offer a fully finished product and consequently a more comfortable service for its clients.

Today, we are devoted to manufacturing blinds, in iron and aluminium and PVC, barriers, iron and stainless steel railings combined with glass, arbours, swing doors, automatic sliding doors, small and large steel structures, stairs with different finishes (iron-wood, iron-glass, iron-silestone, iron-stainless steel or all iron), enclosures for terraces and balconies, for small windows and large windows.

We work with aluminium manufactured by the brands SAPA, CORTIZO, TECHNAL and ALAS, inter alia.

With regard to iron works, we have recently included the FORSTER enclosure system in our production.

We are planning on shortly moving our facilities to the Industrial Estate of Son Angelats.